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Quran Memorization/Hifz Quran online Classes

Hifz Quran is specially designed for Quran Memorization online with tajweed with live Quran tutor Try free trial classes

Basic Quran Reading / Qaida Lessons

Qaida course is designed to start learning with arabic letters and basic rules, which will lead to tajweed classes Try free trial classes

Quran Reading with Tajweed Online Classes

Quran Tajweed focuses on tajweed rules from basics to advance. Tajweed Quran will make you best Recetier of Quran, InshALLAH Try free trial classes

Free Quranic reciter which has recitation of some of the top reciters in the world with translations in different language. We have the best Aalims, Quran tutors to teach you Basics of Quran/Norani Qairda, Quran with tajweed, Quran Memorization/Qura Hifz and basic Islamic teachings at your home/office.

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Register For Yourslef / For Kids - 3 Free Trial Classes of Quran Lessons with Live Online Quran Tutor

Easy learning and flexible timings makes Classes convenient for kids and elders who want to do, Basic Quran reading, reading Quran with tajweed or Quran memorization

Quran Tutor Online at "Read Quran Online"

To make this institute one of the best online Quran teaching institute we have to recruit Best Qur'an Tajweed Teacher because the tutor is the person through whom we project who we are. So went through a lengthy recruitment and selection process to hire best Alims, Qaries, Hafiz and Mufties as Online Quran teacher, and simaltenously we use te same way to hire administrative staff. After we are done with intial hiring process, professional training was intiated to provide guidance to how to teach Quran to kids and telders and using of nteractive tools to make class more attractive and interesting for the students. Alhamdullah all our arabic teachers online have ijaza and are well qualified in the subjects they teach and have great knowledge in Arabic scriptures along with tajweed tafseer and translation. Most of the Muslim listen different Quran reciters doing such beautiful recitation that delights their heart with emotion and we wish that one day we or our son / daughter would become one of the top Holy Qur'an Reciter with Tajweed. Inshallah you can achieve this goal by becoming one or our brilliant student because we do what we promise. To get experience how our Quran tutor online teaches, we have introduced free trial classes, so students and parents can experience that how does this online arabic teaching works.

We have designed multiple courses. Click here, for Online Quran Courses like Learning the Quran from basics, Learning Quran Tajweed, Quran Memorization online...

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What you need to Learn Qur'an Online from Live Quran Tutor

Easy and customizable tool which are use for live session and voice communication.

Free skype software for voice comunication for one to one class for the students
Mikogo for screen view through which you can see the live screen of teacher
lap top, computer, ipad with head phone. which is needed to run thses softwares
Dsl connection a lan connection is preferd but wireless can be used as well to connect to virtual sessions

/// Parents who Experience the Difference

  • MashALLAH, I have found the Online Quran Tutors very knowledgeable and professional, My Kid has started reading quran with tajweed, MashALLAH

    Fatima Sarwar
  • I have seen great progress in my child, he has now started memorizing the Quran with more perfection and speed, Quran Teacher has played a major role in my child's improvement

    Brother Adeel
  • I am learning to read the Quran with Tajweed, I have expeirenced great improvement in just 2 months. One of the best thing is that I have female Qur'an Tutor

    Sana Malik
  • My Kid started the Quran with Qaida, after 2 months he has MashALLAH finished his Qaida.

    Farhan Ilyas

Learn from us if you want to experience the difference

Learn through online Quran class at your home or office at your preferred time and days

Our Institute is founded by a group of inspired Individual with a thought to make a difference and it was made possible by dedication and hard work of our Alims , Mufties , Qaries and Administrative team. As a pioneer in online Quran teaching we had to become an inspiration and had to make a mark for other elearning institutes and starting from scratch, it was not an easy job but with the help of Allah Almighty we have set our goals and achieved them with success and that can be observed through the number of students who have benefited from our services. More than 6000 students who have learnt through us the basic of Islam, tajweed quran and have also practiced koranic recitation along with the memorization process. To improve the child’s literacy rate and learning process special tools with voice communication software are used. These are live classes and are separated in two categories for kids aged from 4 to the age of 16 and other above the age of 16. Due to our vast experience in the teaching field we had gain the respect and have become a symbol of inspiration for others. Join the live classes and feel the difference and enlighten yourself with the wonders of Islam and koran and Learn to read quran with tajweed.

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It’s a hard topic to talk on that what parents really want from a Quran teachers? The answer lies in these keys: self actualization , Esteem, motivation for the kids, friendly and capable but finding these things in tutors is difficult but not impossible. Now there is no worry because we have handpicked some of the best professors in the field and trained them with the edge of profession to make it possible. To boost the capability of reading Quran and built the life according to the rules of Islam is the dream of every Muslim and having the access and availability at your fingertips makes it more reliable and its becoming the most important part in our life. Making these classes easy and understandable for the students is our first priority. We have made the sessions more comfortable by using some of the most advanced teaching techniques and methods in our virtual classes and availability 24 hours per day, 7 days a week makes it more easy accessible for you to pick the days and the timing according to your need. Innovating our self according to the needs of the modern world see it for you self and register for free trials because who can be a better judge then you.

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If you want to find a resource that can give you all the answers of your questions, the one any only scripture is the holy Quran and the Sahi Hadees, with which you will understand the true meaning of our creation and about Islam. Studying about Islam as a religion has become a difficult part in this manipulate world. For it we need to go back to our roots and the guidance of truth and exploring that what is right and what is wrong . Not like anything else It is law of Allah All Mighty and is the inheritance of our beloved Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him . It’s the duty of every Muslim to protect and preserve the gift of Rasul Allah sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam. So how can that be done, is by learning koran and not just reading it but applying the rules in our life and gaining the Islamic education by going through the translation of the holy scriptures and guidance by respected Alims and Mufties through the Hadees it becomes more easy to apply it in to our life and gaining the answer to the complicated questions. Living in the modern age we have light everywhere in our home in the shape of tube lights out side of home in the shape of sun in the dark nights in the shape of moon light but have you ever thought what is the light for the heart, through what we can make it clean? The answer is easy through Namaz, which is the basic of all and there are many more. Join hands with focus to spread the lights of Islam to your kids and seek it for yourself take the answers to the questions you want, study Quraan.

Explaining the secrets of our success in simple steps that why read quran online has surprised and made its reputation in the eyes of parents.

(1) Take success. They say to be successful think successfully. We always believe that with the willingness of Allah we can achieve any goals that are put in front of us. And from the first day of establishing this institute we have a clear vision that we have to give the best and by the grace of Allah we have delivered what we promised.

(2) Being passionate on what we do. Accepting challenges and developing in those challenge is the passion of every tutor that we hire because developing and unfolding the new ways of tutoring kids and making it our goal put us a head of our competitors.

(3) Focusing on our strength. Well our strength is the combine effort that we put in the live session with taking the reviews of the parents to improve the classes and giving them feedback and suggestion to make it more effective and by focusing on individual kid and arranging the lessons according to it.

(4) Persevere and have faith. Despite our good intention and hard work sometimes we fail but it does not mean that we lose hope. It’s the faith that should be there because the strength of the faith is the first lesson to be a Muslim and we have faith that inshallah we will succeed in the mission of spreading the word of Islam so let us join hand, even a little help could be a lot. You can do it by sharing our link on face book, Google, tweeting about us or blogging or just by a forum post.

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