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Tajweed is a special means through which recitation of the Quran is done. Not only is it a way through which one is encouraged to recite the Quran, it sounds pleasant too. Apart from this, Tajweed is important for a number of reasons. Tajweed is a manner of recitation and its meaning is reflected in the pronunciation of every letter and word in the Quran. Tajweed is basically pronouncing each and every letter as it has been pronounced, its pronunciation being linked to the origin of the pronunciation. In the Quran, Allah states, “And recite the Quran with Tarteel (in a slow pleasant tone and style). Tajweed Course starts after Basic Qur'an Reading Course

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” The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Indeed Allah desires that the Quran be recited in the manner it was revealed.” Ali (rta) explained the meaning of Tarteel and said, “It means that the Qur'an should be recited with Tajweed and with due observance to the rules of Waqf (pausing or stopping at the end of the verse).” It is important, therefore, to recite the Quran with Tajweed because of the emphasis that has been laid on it by Allah, the Prophet (PBUH) and his followers, Learning Quran from Qur'an Tajweed Tutor. Tajweed is not independent of the Kuran and it is something that works together with the Quran. Without one cannot be the other. The verse “Verily my people have renounced the Quran” also can be interpreted in the manner that it is not recited in the true manner. It could be interpreted that the rules of Tajweed are now not followed in the recitation of the Curan. The Prophet (PBUH) also stated that the Quran will speak for us on the Day of Judgement. Therefore it will mention the mistakes we made and how we did not recite the Quran with Tajweed. Also, the smallest mistake in the pronunciation of a letter can change the meaning of the word which is why Tajweed is so important. Correct pronunciation can make sure that sure mistakes are avoided. Pronouncing letters incorrectly means pronouncing words incorrectly which means that the meaning of the Quran is changed. Therefore, the importance of Tajweed cannot be stressed and each individual should make the effort to correct his or her pronunciation as best as he or she can. The literal meaning of Tajweed is to make better and to improve. Applying this meaning to Tajweed of the Koran means that the manner in which the Koran needs to be recited is applied and the knowledge of recitation is used to read the Kuran in the manner in which the Prophet (PBUH) read it. Tajweed, therefore, means to recite the Quran in an improved and better manner, which is the way in which it was recited by the Prophet (PBUH). In order to understand Tajweed, it is important to understand some of its principles. The definition is the most important principle. Since Tajweed means betterment, it means that everything should be recited with the original pronunciation of each letter. Tajweed is important because of the fact that the Koran was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) which was then recited by him in the manner of Tajweed, once the students are done with this course, elders and kids can go for Quran Memorization Online Course. Some Ahadith are also linked with this principle. Tajweed is crucial because proper pronunciation prevents one from making mistakes when reciting verses from the Holy Book. Tajweed is a science in itself and is the highest of the sciences because of the fact that it is linked to the Holy Quran which contains the words of Allah. It is also a very important science because of the fact that it is linked to the Quran.

As stated earlier, Allah’s words were revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) by Jibrael using Tajweed and it was with Tajweed that it was passed on to the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions. It came from Allah with Tajweed and so is the way in which the Quran should be recited by all followers. Tajweed is something that should be applied by all Muslim men and women who know the Quran by memory, even if it is one surah. Some Muslims should also know the meaning of Tajweed and have proper knowledge of the background of Tajweed and where it comes from. One of the most important reasons why Tajweed is highly recommended is because of the fact that it prevents words of the Quran from being changed. It indirectly guards the Holy Quran to make sure that no distortion of it takes place. The mix of Arabs with non-Arabs gave birth to the fear that the pronunciation would be ruined which is why certain rules of Tajweed were also set down to make it more consistent. Knowledge of Tajweed means that one knows what the articulation points of each letter are, one knows the characteristics of each letter and one knows how the rules of Tajweed change when the order of letters is changed. The greatest practice of Tajweed is through the repetition of Quranic verses which then allows the tongue to get used to the various rules of Tajweed, and eventually learning the Qur'an with tarteel. These principles make it easy to understand what Tajweed is and why it is so important for the recitation of the Qur'an

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