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Noornai Qaida Reading OR Learn to Read the Quran from Basics

Noorani Qaida Reading/Basic Quran Reading

Noorani Qaida reading / Basic Quran reading is designed for the beginners to start with the Arabic alphabets, it’s just like a Quran foundation classes. In this course, online Quran tutor will emphasize to pronounce the Arabic letters and the words to pronounce with tajweed. This course is the foundation, that’s why we try our level best to make the students perfect in pronouncing the words with perfection. Kids and elders will get the opportunity to learn the basic rules to join the letters which will help to read the Quran without any effort. Some Quran students come to us, who can read the Quran but not with tajweed, we start teaching them initially with Qaida just to make the basics clear for them. After completing this course students can go for Tajweed course or Koran Memorization online

There are many quotes which signify the importance of the Quran.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Verily, Allah the Exalted has people from among mankind, and the people of the Quran are the People of Allah, and His Chosen Ones.”

Muslim said, “The Quran will be brought on the Day of Judgment, along with its people who acted according to it. They will be preceded by surahs, “Al Baqarah” and “Aal Imran” and these two (surahs) will plead the case of whoever recited them.”

The angels also bless those who recite the Quran in groups. “No people gather in a house of the houses of Allah, reciting the Book of Allah and studying it among themselves, except that tranquility descends upon them, mercy covers them, the angels surround them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with Him (the lofty gathering of angels.” Try out free trial online Qur'an classes with Online Qur'an tutor

The Quran is the source of primary knowledge and it is only the Quran’s knowledge that can elevate the status of a true scholar. “The people should be lead (in prayer) by the best of them in the recitation of the Book of Allah, the Most High.” On the Day of Judgment, the Quran will be the speaker for him who has recited the Quran. “The Quran will come on the Day of Judgment and say, ‘Oh Lord! Adorn him.’ So the person will be made to wear the crown of honor. Then it (the Quran) will say, ‘Oh Lord! Increase him.’ So the person will be made to wear the garment of honor. Then it will say, ‘Oh Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So Allah will be pleased with him. Then it will be said, ‘Recite and ascend.’ And the person will receive an extra good deed for every verse (the he recites of the Quran).”

Khabaab bin Al-Arat also said that nothing pleases Allah more than when a faithful servant recites His words. As-Suyuti stressed on the importance of the Quran and its recitation for children because he stated that it would be best to provide them with the teachings of the Quran early enough so that all the bad things do not lure them and lead them to disobey and be misguided.

InshALLAH after completing Noorani Qaida reading, students will be able to read the words and to join the Arabic words with tajweed.

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