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Even if the Quran has been read and understood, it is never too late to memorize the Quran. Although it is ideal to memorize it in the younger years due to ease of learning, it can be learnt at any time in one’s life as long as one is dedicated and committed to learn and memorize. Reading and reciting the Quran surely earns the pleasure of Allah but nothing pleases him more than a faithful follower making an effort to memorize the Quran. It not only earns his pleasure but also leads to greater rewards in the hereafter.

Kids Memorizing the Quran with the help of Online Tutor is extremely important and sets precedence for Muslims in the way in which life should be led. It explains Islam, its principles and the way of life for a Muslim. The Quran is the guide for any Muslim and should be given importance over everything else. Although the Sunnah is also important for a Muslim as it guides a Muslim to the way in which the Prophet (P.B.U.H) led his life, the Quran and its thorough understanding is first and foremost. Once that is understood and followed, Sunnah and Ahadith should be learnt and followed too. Therefore, memorizing and reading the Quran is more important as it is the book of Allah.

The Quran is known to be the most important source of knowledge and whoever seeks to gain insight into Islam should seek knowledge and information from the Quran because no other source can explain it better than the Quran. Although other sources help in understanding the way in which a Muslim should act and lead his life, the Quran helps in understanding why this is so. Without knowledge of the Quran, no Muslim can seek perfect knowledge elsewhere. Therefore, even if elders wish to learn about Islam and learn it thoroughly, they should memorize the Quran from Online Kuran Tutor to be well equipped with knowledge.

Once the Quran is memorized, one gets new knowledge and one then makes an effort to lead the life of an ideal Muslim. Although he or she may not be doing everything Islam requires, effort is being made to do so and one is closer to Islam and to Allah through the memorization of the Kuran online. So one of the benefits of memorizing the Quran is that he or she is in a higher place in Allah’s eyes and he or she has become more aware of Islam due to which he or she unintentionally or unconsciously makes the effort to become a better Muslim. Memorizing the Qur'an also saves one from the fire of Hell and brings the learner closer to angels and is also given a reward.

For memorization, pronunciation and Quran recitation online with tajweed is also important since that makes it much easier to memorize the Quran. No matter how early or how late you begin to memorize the Quran, the following steps can help in a speedy memorization of the Quran.

Intention is important. You have to be sincere when memorizing the Quran. You should make your mind to please Allah by memorizing the Quran and not so that you can boast in front of other people that you know the Quran by heart. It is also important to be consistent. The more regular you are in memorizing, the faster you will learn. Memorize every day and memorize around 5 to 6 lines daily. The time right after Fajr is the best time to memorize since the mind is fresh and the day starts off in a good way. The time it takes to memorize reduces as you become used to your routine. Make sure you are alone when you memorize and stay away from all distractions as they will make memorizing harder. Use the same copy of the Quran to memorize as you will be familiar with its format and that will make it easier to memorize. You can also sit in the same place and memorize at the same time every day.

Memorizing can be done properly if it is repeated every single day. The more you repeat what you have memorized, the greater the chances of you remembering it in the long term. Always understand what you’re reading. Go through the translation so that when you’re memorizing the Arabic, you know what you’re learning. Listening to Quranic tapes can also help since listening to recitation will allow you to learn better and know how to go about the memorization process. Memorizing with someone is ideal as you can listen to each other’s recitation and correct each other. When you’re repeating what you’ve learnt and you make a mistake, correct it immediately. In that manner, you are likely to never repeat your mistake again. Learn new lines of the Quran every day. After a few days have gone by, revise everything you memorized so that what you’ve learnt is ingrained deeper into your memory. Learn the Kuran in one flow. If you find a Surah difficult to memorize, do not skip it. Finish it no matter how long it takes and then move on to the next. This allows a more continuous and smooth flow of learning. You can learn the shorter Surahs first as they can prepare and encourage you to learn the other ones that are longer and harder. No matter what stage of life one is at, therefore, the Koran can be memorized as long as one has the intention to do so. Listen The Quran Online in the voices of best reciters of world
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