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Reciting the Quran with tajweed is part of a Muslims life. The best time to read the Quran is during the early years as it allows easier memorization. However, the Quran should not be read just for the sake of reading and memorization, it should be read with the intention to understand what it means and why it is important to make it a part of one’s life. It is very important to reiterate the importance of Quran in one’s daily life and not just stress on reading or memorizing it.

The goal should be clarified and the child should be told that the reason this is being done is to achieve a higher importance in the eyes of Allah. Your child should be taught that the Quran should be memorized since Allah rewards such people since they take out extra time and make an additional effort to please Allah. The Quran says, “And we have made the Quran easy for remembrance (and understanding), so there is one that will receive admonition?” Therefore, Allah has made the Quran easy for those who want to learn and memorize it.

We understand how important it is for your child to learn the Quran which is why we have made the process easier for you by providing you with a live tutor for your child. In this manner, you can get a Quran tutor for your child without the hassle of trying to look for an ideal live tutor.

Once the live tutor has started lessons with your child, it is important to continually take steps to make the memorization process easier.

Pronunciation and recitation with tajweed is one of the steps that can make memorization easier. Our online tutor can help your child with pronunciation. As the tutoring begins online, the tutor will make sure that the child learns to recite the Quran as is required. Recitation and pronunciation makes memorization a lot easier.

Once your child had started reading the Quran and learnt the pronunciation and recitation, in order to allow your child to learn quickly, a daily memorization limit can be set with the consultation of Online Quran Teacher. In this manner, a portion of the Quran can be memorized daily and can be learnt with the proper recitation and pronunciation. Continual recitation of that allotted portion is important since it will ingrain that specific portion in the mind and will make it easier to memorize in the long-term as well. Your child can practice recitation and memorize portions of the Quran before sleeping, while waiting, while going to or coming back from school and so on.

Another way to make it easier is for Kids and elders to memorize the Quran is to make him learn a specific portion of the Quran in a melodic tune. Our online tutor can help your child with this form of learning. If your child learns a specific portion of the Quran like this, he or she is likely to remember it more easily and if any mistake is made while reciting, it can easily be detected due to the melodic tune that is assigned to a particular verse or surah. Reciting the Quran in a chant is also peasant to hear and so it would encourage your child to continuously recite.

One of the most important things to ensure is that when your child is learning the Quran, one copy of the Quran should be used. One gets used to a specific format, so it is easier to come back to the same copy and learn from it. Taking a different copy of the Quran every time can make it more difficult to learn because different copies of the Quran have different formats.

There is no doubt that when you understand something, it is easier to remember. Our online tutor can make sure that what your child is learning is explained to him or her properly to make the learning process easier and quicker. Once a surah is learnt, it should be explained entirely to make it easier to memorize and recite. Our online tutor will also make sure that your child recites the Quran from memory frequently in order to ensure that he or she gets enough practice to memorize

Parents and guardians should make sure that what they learn with the tutor is practiced daily and constantly. Your child can recite the Quran before he or she goes to sleep and after he or she wakes up. This is when your child has time to memorize what he or she has learnt.

It is extremely important to note that younger children learn and absorb things faster as compared to when they grow older, so it is very important that they have solid knowledge about basics of Islam. So the ideal time to engage a tutor would be when your child is around five years so that the young years can be taken advantage of and your child can get a strengthened understanding of the Quran which will grow even stronger as your child grows up.

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