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Reciting the Quran can be extremely important. Tajweed is the special manner of recitation in which the Quran is recited. It is melodious and pleasing to the ears which makes recitation easy and also encourages recitation. Memorization and recitation of the Quran should be the top priority of any Muslim family. Children should be encouraged from a very small age so that they can get used to it and accept it as part of the daily routine. By doing this, children are given a very good start to their life and they are automatically prevented from doing things that are not pleasing in the eyes of Allah. Any child who memorizes the koran and then recites the Quran is automatically likely to have a greater character and is likely to have a greater attachment with Allah. The Best thing about online Quran lessons is that you donot have to drop and pick your kids from islamic school, Childern can have their 1 to 1 Qur'an class with live Koran tutor at their preferred time and days.

Recitation at any age is important because whoever is busy with continuous recitation is less likely to say or do things that are not pleasing in the eyes of Allah. Since, through recitation, one has the means to access spiritual and mental peace, he or she does not need to exhibit hate, anger, arrogance and envy. Apart from that, it is also likely that he or she is not excessively in love with material things. This means that his or her spiritual and material world is in harmony. When one is equipped with the tool of religious understanding and belief in Allah, there is no obstacle that he or she can overcome. Recitation and repetition strengthens one’s belief and a true Muslim knows that Allah will come to his or her help. Quran truly is the last book of Allah and is the final message that Allah sent to mankind and this is proven by the fact that it is the only book that so many people worldwide have committed to memory.

Recitation of the Quran also establishes this permanent connection with Allah and it is a constant connection due to constant recitation. Leading life by the way of the Quran can lead to success in all aspects of life. Because of the fact that Allah and His book are the top priority for any true Muslim, it is not surprising that it allows for high levels of success to be reached and achieved.

Recitation has its rewards. It earns Allah’s pleasure and also leads to various benefits in the hereafter. Those who find it difficult to read the Quran because of the fact that Arabic is not their language are given double the reward for struggling and still going ahead with it, you can start Learning it from Quran Teacher Online. Reciting the Quran leads to Allah increasing the status of one person in His eyes and in the hereafter. His status is higher as a Muslim as compared to other Muslims. Recitation of the Quran also makes pain easier and is spiritual medicine for those in need or pain. There is no doubt that in recitation and in the remembrance of Allah, people find respite from their struggles and problems. That is how important recitation of the Holy Qur'an is in a Muslims life

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